Created by real qualified coaches and managers.

Superb and incredibly addictive. I've been a huge lover of Championship/Football Manager since it all began, and this is a brilliant change in managing the manager and other staff, love it! WARNING: if you download this game, you won't be able to put it down!


Be More Than Just a Manager! in Club Soccer Director 2022. Take full control of a real football club, hire and fire the manager, staff and players, handle all the day to day running of the club and lead them to success!

The game is freakin amazing...I have been crying out for this kind of game to be released in the playstore and my wish have been finally satisfied because of u guys who have created this game... Please don't give up on developing this game as it has fantastic potential

aadhil naushad

Highly addictive , very easy to go through the game without buying coins.

Only problem is the manager can be quite demanding and can't always buy players or staff he wants due to no funds. Brilliant game


Be more than just a Football Manager!

Club Soccer Director is a football/soccer management game where you take on a role of Director of Football at an established football club or create your very own club!

Your main job is to be the go between the football manager and the board of directors. You are responsible for hiring the manager and the backroom staff like coaches, assistant managers, physios, scouts, academy managers and the full day to day management of the club.

Key Features
  • Choose from over 800 Clubs from 14 different countries
  • Manage the Manager and the Whole Club from finances to philosophy.
  • Create your own Philosophy and Tactics
  • Hire and Fire Managers, Players and Staff
  • Handle Press Conferences
  • Negotiate Sponsors and stadium advertising
  • Interact with Staff and Players
  • Upgrade your Clubs Stadium
  • Develop the Training Ground and Academy
  • Detailed Live Match Engine and commentary
  • Match Highlights *NEW
  • Sports TV Style Presentation
  • Super Quick Gameplay
  • Save to cloud and play on a different device



This is you chance to take charge of the manager, the staff and the whole of the club, as you begin your career as a club soccer director.

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