Episode 1 - Creating Robbie and the Club

Okay folks, here I am on Club Soccer Director 2022, a football club management game, where you take on the role as director of your own created club or a real football club.

My first task in the game is to create my own avatar, simple enough! trademark hair, nice suit without the tie, and of course the beard.

Not 100% sure on the face, but it looks pretty good to me.

CSD allows me to select an existing club or to

create my own club which is what I will be doing here and creating Macclesfield FC.

There's a selection of kits to choose from, and a number of different pre-set badges you can choose.

Next, I create the ground name and we are ready to go with the newly formed Macclesfield FC who will start life in the national league north division (wouldn't that be nice if that happened in real life!)

Look out for Episode 2 coming soon..


Club Soccer Director 2022 is available on iOS, Android, and PC and is FREE to download from the links at the top

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